Rygin King Plans to Help Disabled Jamaicans: Requesting Assistance – Watch Video

Dancehall artiste Rygin King plans to aid as much people with disabilities as he can in Jamaica. The deejay shared his idea to launch a charitable foundation for disabled Jamaicans, in which he will provide them with necessities such as wheelchairs and diapers.

Rygin King reached out to his fans through a video he posted on one of his social media accounts. In the video, he expresses, “Mi ago need unuh help…A lot a people inna di wheelchair community a reach out to mi a seh dem wah supply.”

The Montego Bay native deejay adds that some individuals might also want financial assistance and notes that although he cannot help everyone who has contacted him, he will try to seek additional aid for them.

“Mi feel like mi need fi do something official weh can raise some money and send some wheelchair gaw Jamaica…urinal and dem ting deh. Pampers food stuff,” he added.

Later in the video, he explains that he has a lot of expenses of his own, including physiotherapy, which makes it impossible for him to help everyone.

Additionally, Rygin King states, “Mi heart willing but mi flesh weak so mi a beg unuh anyway somebody if unuh see di message out deh and unuh can help me, send me a DM.”

Watch the video of Rygin King below:

The Instagram video, captioned, “Let’s get it done💯,” garnered over 4,024 likes within an hour and fans praised the deejay in the comments.

One viewer commented, “👏👏👏👏This is thoughtful,I pray the necessary persons will come onboard🙌❤️.” Another viewer said, “Real yute do real thingz👏🏽 dat is it fam🙌🏽.”

Read more of the comments below:

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