Rygin King Travels to the US For Spinal Injury Treatment

Friday, June 4, 2021, 11:18 AM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Rygin King has left the island to seek treatment in the United States for the bad spinal injuries he received last year from being shot. The entertainer was attacked in June of 2020 with his entourage by gunmen in the district of Struie, Westmoreland where he was shot three times.

A woman who worked in customer service was unfortunately killed on the scene by the criminals. Rygin King luckily survived after he was rushed to the hospital and spent quite a while trying to recover. He eventually returned to the dancehall scene late last year releasing songs like “No emotion”, “Mission”, “Glu”, “Dancehall Baddest Thing” and his latest release “Squeeze Trigga”. The entertainer is also looking to release his first album very soon.


According to the singjay whose real name is Matthew Smith, his upcoming album will be a big one and he is looking to use it to convey a message to the youths, as well as himself to let them know that even if there exists a fight it is important for them to keep on trying.

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One fan of the Mobay deejay, took to social media and wrote, “I thought things were looking bright for the artist….rygin king prayer an strength goes out to you going overseas he will get the best treatment required….speedy recovery”.

Hopefully, Rygin King will get the treatment he deserves and get back on his feet very soon, returning to the country being a stronger man.

The deejay left the island last Thursday. No details were released about where in the US the treatment will take place, how long the treatment will take nor when the artiste is expected to return to Jamaica.

Check Rygin’s most recent selfie video below.

He’s set to release a new music video on June 11th, check out what he had to say about its release, also check out its preview below.

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