Safaree Threatens Lawsuit for Leaked Sex Tape

Friday, August 12, 2022, 6:20 PM GMT-5

A lawsuit is now looming over the head of the individual responsible for exposing the sex life of Safaree and his rumoured girlfriend, Kimbella. The rapper announced on Twitter today that he would be taking legal action for the leaked sex tape that is up on a Patreon account for all paying eyes to see.

The sex tape, showing the 41-year-old rapper and the 26-year-old Instagram star having the time of their lives, was previewed on Twitter yesterday. While some viewers speculated that his ex-wife, Erica Mena, leaked the video, others believed he released the tape himself.

Nonetheless, Safaree is threatening to sue someone for once again putting his business out in the open. In a rage, Safaree tweeted that he would not be letting “this 1 slide,” which hints at his 2018 leaked nudes that went viral.

“I am Taking full legal and criminal action. The person who did that is going to pay. And I am not letting up either. Not letting this 1 slide. This is a cyber crime and I am pressing full charges!!” he declared.

However, not everyone is convinced that he did not release the sex tape himself, which was what many people believed the first time.

Meanwhile, some viewers are more puzzled by the big impression he left the first time and cannot help questioning the change.

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