Sarwan Strikes Back at Chris Gayle in this Post

May 2, 2020

Chris Gayle surprisingly took aim at fellow Cricketer Ramnaresh Sarwan in a video that was posted on Youtube several days ago.

Now Sarwan has described the allegations made by Gayle as “scandalous” after the West Indies batsman described Sarwan who was his former team-mate as a disease “worse than COVID-19”.


Chris Gayle accused Sarwan as he believes he played a major role in the Jamaica Tallawahs’ decision, to release him for the 2020 Caribbean Premier League season.

He stated Sarwan was worse than the novel SARS, Gayle also said he was a snake who was deceitful and distrustful, he added that he would no longer have anything more to do with him.

The Tallawahs assistant coach Sarwan was left stunned by Gayle’s remarks, and he thinks they have caused an “immeasurable damage to the gentleman’s game of cricket”.

Sarwan also made this post on Facebook: “Let me make it abundantly clear, I have played with Gayle from the inception of my international career and I have always respected him as an extraordinary talent, a colleague, and most importantly, a close friend. Hence my utter shock by these scandalous allegations.”

The Former batsman added that in the video, Gayle leveled false allegations against him and he also tarnished the reputations of many persons.

Sarwan was the focus of most of the onslaughts and he replied, not because he felt as though Gayle’s rantings were worthy of a response, but because he wanted the public’s record to be set straight and he wanted to protect the character and careers of many persons, whose images might be tarnished.


Gayle revisited a problem he had before and claimed that 24 years ago due to a complaint Sarwan made about him watching television all night when they shared a room, he was sent home from a tour of Barbados.


However, Sarwan dismissed that claim as “total fabrication” and he rubbished the accusation that he was the one who had encouraged the Tallawahs’ overseas players to be disrespectful of Chris Gayle.



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