Scientists say they found a New Specie of Whale

It may appear that Scientists have found a mammal just off the western coast of Mexico. The team of scientists reported that it looks tremendously unique and sounds unlike anything else that we have heard before and it has large teeth.

Environmental genetic samples of the new mammal were taken for research, the data is still being observed. The research team is fully confident in the photographs that were taken as well as the acoustic recordings that this is a fresh undescribed specie- Beaked Whale.

Scientists said that it was unexpected in the area that they found it in. Understandably they were also a little shocked that they spotted and interacted with a mammal that was never known to exist.

Unfamiliar sounds were detected in the waters surrounding Mexico’s San Benito Islands just off the coast of California, Whales, dolphins, and porpoises make their unique calls, but the sound that they tracked, nicknamed BW43, was difficult to define.

Scientists suspected at the moment that it could be from an evasive species of deep-diving beaked whale, the type that had never been analyzed while alive. The Perrin’s beaked whale, scientific nickname – Mesoplodon perrini as it’s most commonly known, was recognized as an individual specie when about 5 deceased whales were found on beaches in California between 1975 and 1997. It was grouped with the Hector’s Beaked whale which it resembles closely – scientific nickname – Mesoplodon hectori.

Scientists and average civilians alike all know that the mysteries that we are yet to discover on land and not to mention in the deep blue abyss, are vastly great and this finding only solidifies that reasoning.

One person stated “Huh, this is like the only good thing I heard in this cursed year.” another said “Just imagine whats lurking around in the ocean, just waiting to be discovered. There’s no way, we’ve seen it all”.

Check them out in the video below

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