Sean Paul Tells Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom to End Lyrical Battle “Woman nuh fi talk so”

Internationally acclaimed dancehall veteran, Sean Paul has made a public plea to Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom to end their intense lyrical battle, whilst seemingly labelling their behaviour as unladylike with the comment, “woman nuh fi talk so.”

The Temperature artiste expressed his views on social media, sharing his love for both female artistes and their music while imploring them to take the high road and live better with each other. He added that they should be leaders and not cave to the pressures of society by following other “waste” people.


Sean Paul also voiced that he is not pleased with the actions being displayed and sought to remind Don and Jada that they are two beautiful black women who should use their platform for more edifying content. He went further to explain that they should set a better example for the younger generation as well as for the culture.

Consequently, Stefflon Don reacted in the comments to shed some light, claiming that “Its not that serious trust me just some fun 😂.” However, Sean Paul responded and dismissed it by saying that he respects her as an artiste, but his daughter listens to her music which has become unacceptable.

“Not 4 my likkle daughter STEFF. Longtime me got love for u. An Jada. She likes ur songs. Cmon. Mi mah lead her so. Truss.”

Though Sean Paul’s post was aimed at quelling the musical war between the two artistes, social media users have attacked his stance on the matter. Commenters have made mention of him being “biased,” a “feminist,” and have even asked him to “leave woman business alone.”

This musical battle between Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom seemingly rose from the GPP artiste being in a sexual relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Burna Boy. Since then, the two have traded insults and threats over social media, with both releasing diss tracks at each other with the singles titled: Dat A Dat, London Bed and the newest, Dead Gyal Walking.

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