Stefflon Don Says Jada Kingdom Is ‘Dead Gyal Walking’ And “Jamaica Biggest Disgrace” In 2nd Diss Track

Wednesday, January 10, 2024, 7:13 AM GMT-5

After initially releasing subliminals, UK-based dancehall artiste Stefflon Don has launched a full-out attack on Jada Kingdom. Despite still insisting that her initial song preview was not about Jada Kingdom, Stefflon Don returned early Wednesday with more insulting lyrics about the East Side Queen.

As Jada Kingdom did with regards to pulling others around Stfflon Don into the conflict, Stefflon Don did the same in this latest release, calling out Jada for getting pregnant by a 17-year-old, trying to get with her gay friend, getting peed on by such man, amongst other allegations.


According to Stefflon Don, Jada Kingdom is the biggest disgrace to Jamaica because of her seemingly promiscuous lifestyle, which is something Jada earlier talked about, outlining that the difference with her is that her relationships are always in the media.

Jada went on to state that her body count is under 10 while she’s 25 years old.

Stefflon Don

Some lyrics, “Yuh is a dead gyal walking mi nuh beat round bush wah buck yo pan di main and show di world how mi brawling… Jada yuh a trater yuh a di biggest embarrassment to Jamaica… Twinkle your a likkle star yuh nuh ready yet fi the bad gyal war.”

In ‘Dead Gyal Walking’, Stefflon also continues to call Jada a “coke head” and states that she should have gotten “shot” instead of Megan Thee Stallion whom Jada Kingdom seemingly also has an issue with because of her current boyfriend Pardison Fontaine.

Before the disrespectful song ends, Stefflon Don also played an audio recording from one of Jada’s ex-friends who was on live chat some time ago talking about the alleged deeds of Jada Kingdom which includes indulging in hard drugs.

Listen to the hardcore track below:

Only time will tell whether or not the war will continue after this latest diss track because Jada had earlier outlined that the war was “done” out of respect for her current relationship with Pardi.

One fan listened to ‘Dead Gyal Walking’ and commented, “She gave us 7 to 8 different flows. She gave us versatility. She gave us grunts. I like it. I like it a lot keep going Steff keep fighting back,” while another said, “I’m a fan of both of em, they both sliding on these disses.”

Check out more reactions below:

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