Stefflon Don Changes Lyrics to Diss Jada Directly; Jada Reacts and Previews Diss Track

Monday, January 8, 2024, 4:43 PM

London-based dancehall artiste Stefflon Don is no longer playing games as she went back into the studio to make some edits to her recently previewed diss track, Dat A Dat, where she now fires a direct hit at Jada Kingdom by making mention of one of her stage names.

A teaser for the upcoming single was uploaded to Don’s social media two days earlier, however, though persons speculated that the song was aimed at Jada, there was no confirmation in the lyrics that tied it together. But, things got heated when the ‘16 Shots’ entertainer called out “Twinkle” in the new remake.


In the remixed song, Don claims that she and her ex, Burna Boy, were not together when he and Jada had a sexual relationship. “Yuh never f**k my man my gal we did left, tell Twinki seh a dis mi a seh.”

This sudden change to the lyrics comes after Don promised someone a “box” to the face which prompted Jada to respond and ask for her to be more specific in her threats. Jada also did confirm that she and Burna Boy had sex but their relationship was nothing serious.

“F**k my man gyal a box yuh fi get, tell a gyal say a dis mi a seh,” were the initial lyrics to Don’s Dat A Dat.

Listen to the remake below:

Seemingly unphased by the newly updated lyrics to the diss track, Jada hopped into her comment section leaving behind the word, “WOOOIIIEEEEE!!!!!!” She then went to her Instagram story to share her thoughts on Don’s new edit and dropped a diss track of her own.

“Dis is weak, dis girl trying to beef with me over a guy. Tell yuh writer dem, dem shoulda mek yuh seh hey Twinkle is a box yuh fi get cuz me wah know weh the box gone, who ago get the box?”

Jada also made it clear that Don is no match to her musically and at this point, she is sparing her from the humiliation. “Me no think you can go title fi tot with me and I’m sparing you… yuh no bad, this is weak. Wrap it up. Yah baby.”

“ONE DON and a Twinkle! done chat” Jada Kingdom’s post on Instagram reads. Responding to Stefflon in her newly dropped track, she voiced that she won’t be fighting over a man, “Nah fight over no boy go wull a seat yuh Fava shit.”

Listen to Jada’s response song below:

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