Jada Kingdom Goes Live to Respond to Stefflon Don’s Song “Who ago get di box?” – Watch Video

Stefflon Don’s fierce lyrics on the Dutty Money Riddim have been raising eyebrows as some listeners speculated about whether or not she was firing shots at Jada Kingdom. The lyrics that threaten to do harm to a woman who hooked up with Stefflon Don’s boyfriend have also sparked curiosity from Jada. 

Like most of the public, the dancehall artiste is apparently just as curious to know who the song is about. Jada seemingly could not turn a blind eye to the lyrics that come off as a sneak diss and a threat, resulting in her leaving a message for Stefflon Don.


On Sunday, the Which Gyal artiste posted a message, tagging the 16 Shots artiste, inquiring if the song was aimed at her or Stefflon Don’s manager.

“Hey boo! mi nah run roun nuh bush wid yuh. anuh my style dat suh before mi gather yuh 3rd degree Jus mek mi know from NOW if a me yuh come fah this time or a still yuh manager yah chat bout again???” Jada asked in the post on her IG stories.

Many may recall that last year when rumours circulated about Jada Kingdom and Burna Boy dating, Stefflon Don who previously dated Burna made a shady post that she later said was about her manager.

Now, in the unreleased song that was teased by the London-based dancehall artiste, Stefflon Don chastises a woman who sells sex, dissing her for sleeping around the music industry, including with her man, and takes it a step further to threaten to slap/box her. 

The line, “F**k my man gyal a box yuh fi get, tell a gyal say a dis mi a seh,” from the track apparently did not sit well with Jada, as she also went on a live stream addressing Stefflon Don and asking her who she was going to box.

“Me just wah know who ago get di box? Cause everything else a facts…cause my p**sy good,” Jada stated.

The live consisted of Jada saying that it was weird for Stefflon Don to come at her over a man who was for everybody, adding that she and Burna were only having fun and it was never a serious relationship.

She told Steflon Don to address her directly if she was actually talking about her while noting that her song was “weak.” The IDG1F artiste even said that she got way more than a Birkin bag from the Afrobeats hitmaker, but Stefflon Don should not be mad since she got a car, so she “won.”

Watch the video of Jada Kingdom below:

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