Security Guard Charged for Killing Neighbour Over Rubbish

Sunday, March 7, 2021, 4:00 PM GMT-5

A 56-year-old security guard by the name of Leroy Martin is now behind bars for the murder of a neighbour and the wounding of two others.

The incident took place in the community of Carlton mountain, in Claremont where the security guard and the deceased lived.


Reports are that the security guard who also goes by the name “Biggy” had a dispute with the victim, Navagia Gray over garbage that their dog scattered over the place.

It is reported by the police that the argument escalated to the point where other family members of Gray was involved, which caused the security guard to leave the scene for a gun, which he used to shoot Gray and two others when he came back, then left the scene.

Navagia and the others were taken to the hospital, however, she did not survive. The other two have been receiving treatment since then.

Leroy Martin has been charged with Murder, illegal possession of firearm and ammunition alongside two charges for wounding with intent.

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