SEE: Picture Allegedly Of Intence When He was Young Shows ‘Intense’ Transformation from Black to White

Many celebrities have undergone noticeable transformations during and or after their rise to stardom. Dancehall artiste Intence is said to be among the local celebrities who had a major transformation, with a change in complexion.

A picture surfaced in 2020 showing a young boy who is said to be the deejay in his younger years.


The photograph shows a boy standing along the road in a blue ‘Soccer’ shirt, black shorts, and white sneakers. The boy’s skin tone is black, and his hair is trimmed. 

The picture was shared alongside an image of Intence as he is known today. The Clutcha deejay has an extremely light brown complexion with tattoos adorning his skin as he poses in a white shirt, black shorts, and black sneakers in front of a motorcycle. 

Both the deejay and the boy have a striking resemblance, with skin tone and maturity contributing to the noticeable differences in the photos.

The side-by-side pictures were shared on Facebook by The Ramping Shop with the caption “Dancehall artist Intense then vs NOW!!”

In response to the post, one person commented, “Black is beautiful,I think he’s much better looking when him black.”

Another person said, “No man these bleacher are very dedicated and good at it…I can’t even dedicate myself to rubbing out the dark areas under my armpits 😂.”

Read more of the comments below:

Intence, legally named Tashawn Gabbidon, hails from the community of Tavern in St. Andrew. According to Loop News, he follows in the footsteps of his father, who was a dancehall deejay.

After graduating from Mona High School, Intence immersed himself in the community studio, where he began recording songs. Some of his popular songs include Yahoo Boyz, Circle, Clutcha, New Gear, and Heaven Passport (featuring Skeng).

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