Shabba Ranks Confronts Bounty Killer For Criticizing Upcoming Entertainers? – Watch Video

Wednesday, December 14, 2022, 7:33 AM GMT-5

Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer sent a warning to all the young artists who are following in the footsteps of the “dunce” trend. The entertainer expressed his discontent with the use of the term in dancehall music at an event held last month.

Bounty addressed the situation once more during his live performance on the Jamrock Reggae Cruise on Tuesday, December 12. “An weh a gwan a pure dunceness; That’s why some bwoy come sing some dutty nasty foolishness,” On stage, he explained.

He then stated, “People haffi excellent, educated and smart, yuh level.”

Following Bounty’s comments, Shabba Ranks spoke out on behalf of the younger and upcoming artists, claiming that Bounty and other tenured celebrities should not interfere with new and emerging culture.

In response, Shabba stated: “Mi hear some big man inna music now, where every turn dem turn, dem beat gainst the likkle youth dem and dem fight gainst the likkle youth dem and dem wah tell di likkle yute dem weh dem must seh, dem want dem youth dem weh fi do.”

Neither Bounty nor Shabba mentioned any names in the matter.

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Several popular artists seem to be following the trend. Valiant, however, recently released a track titled “Scholar,” addressing the backlash aimed at “dunce” culture. The song is calling upon the government of Jamaica to address certain critical issues in the country.

Watch as Shabba speaks out below.

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