Sha’Carri Responds to Usain Bolt’s Criticism

American Sprinting sensation Sha’Carri Richardson does not stay out of the media and once again got her name mixed in a controversy, only this time it included the track and field legend Usain Bolt.

The drama started when the Jamaican Sprint legend spoke to the New York Post, who asked him what he thought about the young female runner for which he responded that “I would tell Sha’Carri to train harder and to be focused and not say too much”.


Usain Bolt then went on to encourage the sprinter in his interview by saying “If you talk the big talk you have to back it up”, as well as making it clear that the more Richardson makes trash talks, the harder the Jamaican women will try to beat her.

Those words by Usain Bolt did not go unheard though as an Instagram fan of the sprinter responded on Instagram by making a story post saying, “Everybody want to give advice in the media but none of them actually take the time to speak to her outside the media” said the very defensive follower of Sha’Carri who went on to say “So I feel her. Stop speaking on me when you don’t even speak to me.”

For that post, the infamous American sprinter did not hesitate to reply which she did by saying a sarcastic “Good ” humbling” morning to Y’all”, then going on to express that she could not have said it better herself.

Richardson went on to top off things with a photo of her posing, with some words stating “Y’all haven’t even heard the half of me” which the Shade room reposted however, many persons in the comments section of the post were still telling the sprinter to humble herself and take the advice that she was given.

What will we be hearing from Sha’Carri Richardson next? We will just have to wait and see.

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