Shaggy and Teejay Release New Single “Gyal Dem Time” – Watch Video

Dancehall icon Shaggy is making it known that he is and will always be relevant in the music genre, even though he doesn’t always aim for the spotlight. The 54-year-old dancehall DJ has never been one to shy away from working with younger artistes, and this is exactly what was portrayed in his new song with dancehall star Teejay.

The song, which is titled “Gyal Dem Time,” sees both artistes expressing their thoughts that it is time for the ladies to get their share of the parties. While he is young, 26-year-old Tejay, a.k.a. “Uptop Boss,” did not hold back on the energetic track, which saw him stepping up to the plate and adding some lyrics to the sound.

Since the song’s release, fans have spared no time commenting on the video and making sure that the artistes know that they love the song and the harmony between their voices. “Gyal Dem Time” music video gained 17 thousand views within its first hour of being released on YouTube.

The colourful music video featured girls in a club-like setting dancing and having fun with the artistes in their midst. While there were no other famous faces in the video, the artistes made sure the dancehall track didn’t fall short in three areas: lyrics, energy, and ladies twerking across the dancefloor.

Shaggy told the ladies unequivocally, “if a man a move mean walk weh lef that,” indicating that the musicians were making money and were not afraid to spend it on women.

Watch the music video for “Gyal Dem Time” below:

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