Shaneil Muir Dragged for Telling Fans to Appreciate Their Loved Ones in Surfaced Video

Wednesday, October 4, 2023, 7:57 PM

Dancehall’s Top Gyal Shaneil Muir is facing criticism after a surfaced video shows her leaving a strong message, telling fans to stick by loved ones even if they have differences. The speech is now causing people to call her out for not practising what she preaches.

The positive message attracted negative responses since it is centred on appreciating your loved ones, which follows on the heels of Shaneil revealing that she does not have and seemingly does not want a relationship with her mother.



The message was shared on social media, showing Shaneil Muir passionately encouraging her fans to do the right thing, which she always does.

The video was recorded from a live stream, and in it, she said, “Learn fi appreciate and love everybody while you can inna di moment because di moment dem gone you gwine si dung and regret…you wish you cudda say you wish you cudda still a fight wid dem, you wish you cudda still have dem inna yuh back a tump yuh and a stab yuh.”

She also said that people should “stop the f**kry cause life is f**king short,” indicating that people should not allow differences to drive a wedge between their relationships.

“Life is short fi all a dis bullshit,” she subsequently stated, and the video concluded with her stressing the need to show appreciation.

Watch the video of Shaneil below:


It is unclear if the video is new or old, but with her words not aligning with the current state of her life, people have been dragging her online while some defended her.

One viewer responded, “Practice what you preach, you can’t repay your mother for the nine months she carries you!” Another wrote, “Good message wrong sender.”

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