Shaneil Muir Says She Blocked Her Mother Out of Her Life; Her Mother Replies With Lengthy Statement About Their Estranged Relationship

Dancehall artiste Shaneil Muir has consistently expressed her deep affection for her late grandmother in public, but her mother has never been graced with the same affectionate spotlight. Recently, the Exclusive artiste revealed the nonexistent relationship she has with her mother, which has seemingly opened a can of worms.

The revelation seemed to stir some emotions and prompted her mother to speak out, describing Shaneil Muir as “angry.”


The topic of Shaneil Muir’s mother, Suzette Gilburn, arose during an interview, during which she expressed her longing to be with her mother while growing up. However, her mother was not present during that time.

“I did not grow up with her… I always yearned for her presence, though, which led me to live with her when I was in high school, but then she left after that, so it was back to square one. So I didn’t really get to mend with her the way I wanted to either,” she said during an episode of Sims Soul Sessions.

She added that she was close with her grandmother and aunt, whom she saw as a mother.

“I grew up with my aunt mostly. Before she started her family, you know I was her baby at that time. So I grew up calling her mommy…She’s my mommy at heart,” she continued.


Shaniel also expressed that she has been feeling a great level of peace that she has not experienced before. While expressing that she loves her family, the dancehall Top Gyal explained that she had to set boundaries in her life and with her family, including limiting communication. This, she said, had advantages.

Apparently, the person she was not communicating with was her mother because her mom took to Facebook with a letter addressed to Shaneil. While acknowledging that she was “not perfect,” her mother said she did her best. Gilburn also stated that she does not understand why Shaneil is so angry at her when she is suffering from an illness. She also expressed her love and wished her all the best while noting that she would stay away.

Watch Shaniel Muir’s interview about the relationship with her mother and more below:


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