Shaneil Muir Returns to Dancehall, Says “Nah Guh Force Meself fi do Something” – Watch Interview

Following her path down the road of Christianity more than seven months ago, Shaneil Muir declared that she was exiting the Dancehall space. The Exclusive singer appeared in a video where she had an emotional breakdown as she expressed the struggles she went through after becoming a Dancehall artiste.

However, the female singer has since backtracked on her decision to leave Dancehall music. After her live performance in Florida, the entertainer did an interview with Onstage TV, where she outlined the cryptic reasons behind her decision to return to the usually controversial genre. 

Shaneil Muir performing in Florida

“Well, in that situation I’m not going to make certain steps until I am ready, and I realised I’m not ready yet, so yuh know me nah guh force meself fi do something,” Shaneil stated.

As she continued her explanation, the singer explained, “Mi nah go be a hypocrite, so it’s something that was real, definitely, it happen and I’m grateful it happen cause it still open mi eye onto certain things and I’m more able to acknowledge and visualize and see things for what it is so, you know. One day it ago happen, but me nuh know when, but it will.”

The interviewer then asked Shaneil if she was going to continue with Dancehall music as of now, to which she replied, “Definitely”. The Lose To Win singer also explained her strong desire to continue her spiritual journey but admitted it was difficult as it takes a lot of work, and she doesn’t want to force anything on herself.

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“I will always have that spiritual connection, and that’s just a part of me that I should probably keep secluded away from the media, yuh know how it guh. You can be reflected in different ways by different opinions, but it all matters to the Most High, not to other people.”

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Watch the video below:

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