Shaneil Muir Officially Closes Dancehall Chapter – See Post

Wednesday, October 19, 2022, 6:00 PM

Recording artiste Shaneil Muir posted an update advising fans of her decision to remit the dancehall scene and to commit herself to God by living a life of Christianity.

In a post on Instagram, the Yamabella entertainer explained her decision saying that she is not leaving dancehall for Christianity as she has always been a Christian and a sinner as well, which has been the case for many persons. She added that she is, however, leaving to do, “God’s work, to find peace, happiness, and salvation.”


Muir went on to quote a verse from the Bible, Ephesians 6:12, “My reward is not in the hands of men and I wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers…”

Continuing further, she wrote that she plans to reborn and reposition herself by placing a focus on a life more meaningful, which she contends is by going with faith and trusting in God’s plans.

“I do not know what tomorrow brings but by God’s grace and mercy I will baptize and rededicate my life to God and no matter how this ship may rock Jesus Christ is the anchor,” the post reads.

Muir ended the update to show gratitude to her fans, “Thank you to everyone who has reached out. Thank you for your encouragements, know that I am grateful.” She further affirmed that she is in great spirits and will “be a new”. In all caps, she concluded with the words, “JEHOVAH IS IN CONTROL! HE WINS!”

The Top Gyal artiste captioned the post to inform promoters and supporters that she will not be cancelling the shows that have been already booked, however, advised that further bookings are officially closed. She currently has 10 performances scheduled across the Caribbean and the US, spanning as far as February 25, 2023.

Nonetheless, all content on Shaneil Muir’s Instagram account has also been deleted. What remains is this new update and a Release dated October 15, 2022, from her management team that advised of her unfit medical state to perform at an event in Ocho Rios last weekend.

See the post below:

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