Shattaroaxh_mpf Promotes Upcoming “Addicted” Song

Sunday, May 8, 2022, 6:37 PM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Shattaroaxh_mpf is looking to make his name in the music industry and in doing so the deejay has decided to promote his track entitled “Addicted”.

As a part of his career journey, Shattaroaxh_mpf who was born in April of 1987 and is currently based in Bronx, New York, stated that he realized one of the main deterrents to artistes making it in the industry is a lack of marketing which he has decided to act upon in order to make a difference.

The song “Addicted” is created for the ladies and finds the artiste singing in a very melodic tone about his love affair. As it relates to its availability on the digital platforms for streaming, the song will be ready on the major online spaces for music sale on 6/3/2022.

In his marketing strategy, Shattaroaxh_mpf the deejay told Yardhype that most of the responsibilities that come with the task are being taken care of by him which he expressed as a special thing. It is with this way of approaching the business, that the artiste decided it would be best to network with others in order to have them share his music with others which he sees as sales channelling.

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Listen to a preview of Shattaroaxh_mpf’s “Addicted” below.

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