Shenseea Gets Boobs Job?

Sunday, June 27, 2021, 10:20 PM GMT-5

The Dancehall Diva Shenseea, now has her fans wondering curiously after she posted two photos on her Instagram account, suggesting that she might have gotten her boobs done.

Not only did she post the over suggestive photos, but she also wrote a caption that tugged at the thoughts of her followers, making some think that she did indeed undergo breast surgery. The Photos that features the “lighter” artiste’s top half only, shows her wearing a pink bra top, with her boobs looking extra firm with a bit more flare than before.


The caption for the photo states “I invested in my body yea I’m done up” and many of her followers are wondering if that is a confirmation.

Some of her Shengyengs however, seem to know her a bit deeper than others as they are claiming the post to be a prank since a few years ago the female singjay told her fans that she is not interested in getting her boobs done, stating that her haters will need to get used to her slippers breast.

Since recently there have been several controversies surrounding the Romeich Entertainment artiste, which up to this point has not been thoroughly addressed to the public.

Is Shenseea becoming a master at Publicity stunts or did she get her boobs done for real? We will just need to wait to find out the truth behind the story.

Check out the photo below of her which shows a different picture of her boobs.

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