Shenseea Meets In Car Crash

August 7, 2020

A stream of car crashes has been taking place with Dancehall artists from Jah cure to Intence to now Shenseea who has recently crashed her Bmw X6.

The artist who recently buried her mother is definitely going through a tough time in her life and this does not make things better.


The suspicions first began when a picture that circulated on Instagram of a crashed Bmw X6 surfaced.

Romeich however officially took to Instagram and addressed the concerned fans who saw the photo to let them know that Shenseea is good and has only gotten minor injuries.

In the caption he compared Shenseea’s character to that of a dragon noting that she is one to always keep pushing forward.

He also said that it was a time that everything in Shenseea’s life was seemingly going wrong, however alluded to the fact that once there is life, blessings will be there.

Fans are still awaiting to see if Shenseea herself will address the crash.





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