Shenseea says someone is after her Life “Mi nah ask Christ”

August 10, 2020 10:11 AM

Chinsea Lee aka Shenseea after being rumoured to be in a car accident went online to explain to her fans what took place. According to Shenseea her seat belt saved her from going through the windscreen.

Shenseea who is now 23 years old states that she was in a parking lot, about to reverse and park her BMW however a water bottle fell and jammed her break. When she tried to press break the gas was pressed instead. “All di break mi a press enuh man a gas a rev out… di more break mi a press a gas a come out”.


She continued “Mi run guh straight up inna one wall bredda” Shenseea says luckily her face did not get “mash up” because she had on her seat belt.

Shenseea told her fans that the accident was strange as she never crash a car before “That was some weird sh!t”.

The Shen Yeng deejay explains that her manager Romeich was quick to reach on the scene and she doesn’t know how he got there so quickly.

Shenseea in her live chat explains that she is about to go to the beach to wash off the “Salt” that his on her currently. Shenseea strongly believes that someone is trying after her life because too many bad things keep happening to her of recent.

“Di body still nuh 100 but i will be ok” Says Shenseea who also stated that the day before she was feeling very body but she was feeling much better hence she returned to live.

Shenseea on her live made jokes with her fans about sacrificing herself after someone said that she sacrificed her mother.


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Shenseea told her fans that she is in love with Cardi B’s new song titled “WAV” because it screams women empowerment.

Shenseea concluded by telling her fans that her next single will be “Sure sure”


Watch the full live below.

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