Shenseea Sets Record As Jamaican Female With The Most Youtube and IG Followers

Monday, January 10, 2022, 12:01 PM

2021 was surely the year for female Dancehall Diva, Shenseea as we witness an unmatched climb in her career which made her one of the most successful acts of the genre for that period up to the present.

Her success did not only come with the connections she made, even though they are worth mentioning because some of those dots she connected could be said to be the causal factor that led to her reaping in more followers and listeners on her social media pages.


Just recently the entertainer made an Instagram post letting her fans know of her most recent success, which took the form of her becoming the first Jamaican female ever to gain 2 million youtube subscribers.

As feminine as it gets though, Shenseea’s accomplishment still beats many of the male entertainers such as Tommy Lee, Masicka, Alkaline, and more. Where it concerns her closest competition, Spice would take that spot with 1.61 million subscribers but the interesting question is who is the Dancehall queen if the Shengyeng leader is leading the females in the industry on Youtube and Spotify.

The “Dolly” artiste is not only doing well on Youtube but also on Instagram where she currently has 4.9 million followers and looks to be growing every day especially with the release of new music and the broadening of her fan base into the international markets.

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The building of Shenseea’s career to such a caliber has seen her this year making it as a feature on some of the biggest albums in the world such as Kanye West’s “Donda”, and Major Lazor ” Music is Weapon” which has made her a part of several teams that have been selected in Grammy nominations.

Adding to her success, Shenseea has also copped the Mobo awards for the best Reggae act in 2021 which is also a good look for her and the industry especially acknowledging the fact that it is so male dominant. Additionally, the entertainer in 2021 was the first Jamaican female in 17 years to make an appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, which in itself is remarkable since it shows the level of work that the singer has been putting into her craft.


Considering that Shenseea is only 25 years old and has a long career ahead of her it will be no surprise to see her youtube subscription being doubled in the next few years, considering that her music market is getting much wider and she is gaining much more listeners.

The new achievement for the female entertainer via Youtube has also seemed to spark her work ethic fire even more too, as in the caption of the post she made about her accomplishments she wrote telling her fans that they deserve the album.

That leaves one to ponder once more about the Queen of Dancehall status, and whether Spice will retain it in the next few years or whether the Shengyeng Diva will be the new titleholder.

See Shenseea’s post below.

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