Shenseea Shows How She Makes Creamy Salmon with Creamy Mashed Potatoes “Everything Creamy” – Watch Video

Monday, January 22, 2024, 1:10 PM GMT-5

Time and time again, Shenseea demonstrates that her talents are not limited to the studio and that they, in fact, extend into the kitchen. This is where the entertainer graces fans with a glimpse of her life off the stage when she is simply making a delicious meal.

The latest glance into the personal life of the Blessed hitmaker showed her making creamy salmon with avocado mashed potatoes, and this episode was not short of her usual humour.

To kickstart the video, Shenseea displayed the salmon and gave a teasing introduction.
“Hey guys, my Sunday dinner will be creamy salmon with creamy mashed potato. You know everything creamy,” she said and winked.


The Rebel artiste proceeded by seasoning the salmon and then showed how she cleaned her potatoes. Subsequently, she was seen wielding a knife as she chopped the potatoes and joked about cutting “a gyal.”

After boiling the potatoes, she added a blend of ingredients to the potatoes before she proceeded to mash them.


The Foreplay artiste mind seemed to have strayed for a minute because one moment she was talking about how creamy the potatoes would be, and then she was moaning and stating, “The sound is giving flashbacks.”

As she continued, she prepared the salmon and subsequently made the creamy sauce that the salmon was later added to. Of course, before the video ended, she was seen enjoying her Sunday meal.

The video has garnered over 176,532 likes since being shared on Instagram on Sunday. The comments came alive with positive responses from fans, such as one that said, “Shenseea need her own cooking channel i would sub for sure😮.” Another fan gushed over her voice, saying, “She got the sexiest voice on the planet 😂😂😂.”

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