Shenseea’s “Lick” Sends Popcaan Questioning “Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

“Lick” a new song by Shenseea and American rapper Megan Thee Stallion caught the attention of Popcaan otherwise known as the Unruly Boss. Since the premiere of the song, Popcaan took to social media in which he commented on one of Shenseea’s posts with the word “Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”, which is a popular phrase he would normally use to express displeasure with an act.

In response to The Unruly Boss comment, Shenseea replied “@popcaanmusic stop gwaan like u nuh dweet” which have sent social media into a frenzy with such accusation. Cunning but wise one might say, Popcaan shifted the focus of the accusation by stating “@shenseea don’t mix me up wid yo Indian manager!!!!”, which persons have alluded that it is no other than Romeich Major.

The renowned entertainer Romeich joined the conversation by highlighting another profound skill of his; a teacher and stated that Popcaan was a previous student in which he made reference to the lyrics “Lick” and commented, “@popcaanmusic yes she know cause memba a me teach you #theunrulyway.”

Surprisingly, however, in the past, Popcaan and Megan Thee Stallion collaborated on a similar song titled “Intercourse” which spoke to the same “Yyyyyyyyyyyy” acts as “Lick”.

The Unruly Boss, however, even in the song, has never confirmed his participation in such activities.


Since the exchange of words on social media, Popcaan’s fans have rushed to his defence where persons have started questioning and ridiculing the accusations made by Shenseea and Romeich, where one user, in particular, commented “@romeichentertainment Yah Teach Man Fi Eat It Yyyyyyyyyyyy!”.

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