“She’s Still Going Through A Lot” Kaylan’s Mother Veneshia Buckley Gives 2022 Update – Video

Saturday, January 8, 2022, 5:33 AM

The mother of hospitalised teen Kaylan Dowdie took to social media hours ago to give some new updates on the condition of her daughter. According to Veneshia Buckley, she has learned to trust god beyond the physical side and that she is happy to see that Kaylan made it to 2022 despite some persons making negative comments.

About Kaylan, the mother said plans are on the way to buy a ventilator, however, they will “hold” until it’s needed and a few minutes into the video viewers were asking about Kaylan’s well-being, “get to the point” one person said. Buckley was upset by that comment and others which she outlined.


She then went on to state that Kaylan has been going through ups and downs with regard to her health. Buckley detailed that there have been new issues with Kaylan, she got a scar in her lung, bacteria/infection in her urine and the pressure in her heart is unstable.

On a positive note, the infection that has been in her blood has subsided.

Check out the live chat below.

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