Shocking Suicide Rocks Ocho Rios

A man from Ocho Rios, St. Ann has been reported to have committed suicide after an alleged failed murder attempt on his common-law wife. The situation is coming just a few years after a brother of his lost his life by way of a similar situation involving a woman.

The man has been identified as Timiko Martin and was found hanging in his father’s welding shop, in Back Street, Great Pond, Ocho Rios after it was reported that Martin, had a dispute with the woman an identified as his common-law wife which led to him allegedly strangling her to a state of unconsciousness.

The man was then said to be found afterwards hanging from the roof of the welding shop by a cord which shocked residents of the area knowing that a similar situation had occurred with his brother in the past.

Relatives of the deceased man were contacted however, they declined due to not wanting any media attention. One relative, even though they did not dive into details of the situation stated that the incident will be haunting them for life.

Martin and his common-law wife are reported to have lived together, at a location close by the Ocho Rios Town Centre and just a few miles away from Old Buckfield. The two shared two children however, the relationship between them was described to have been sour.

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