Shorty and Likkle Addi Report Alleged Police Assault to INDECOM

Tanesha Johnson, also known as Shorty, spoke to the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) Tuesday afternoon with her son, Akheel Palmer. The two reported to INDECOM that they had allegedly been assaulted by the police over the weekend when members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force entered Tanesha’s home during an operation to locate a ‘scammer’.



Tanesha and both of her sons Akheel (Likkle Addi) and Adidja (Likkle Vybz) were present at the house at the time of the incident, and one of the boys was even almost arrested when a law enforcer attempted to handcuff one of her sons, which was shown in a video that surfaced.

The video showed that the police went to the property with a warrant, but while it was said they had the right house, the address on the warrant was reportedly incorrect. This led to objections to the search, and there was also a squabble between Tanesha, her son, and the police.

According to the Jamaica Star, there will soon be an investigation into the matter. The report also detailed that the police had suspicions that lottery scamming was being conducted at the house, which Tanesha denied.


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