Likkle Vybz/Addi Arrested? Shorty Gets into Altercation With Police at Her Home – Watch Videos

Drama unfolded at Tanesha Johnson’s home as police entered then proceeded to search the rooms and seemingly accused her son(s). The incident was captured on camera, shared on social media and is now being examined by the public.

“There’s a scammer here,” said one person in the background of the video, a law enforcer followed up by stating, “we have information that strange men are here,” to Tanesha Johnson who is more commonly known as Short or Vybz Kartel’s baby mother.


The law enforcer went on to outline to Johnson that, “the target is not you, its these men’s who are here!” one of Vybz Kartel’s sons replied in the background making note that the law enforcer stated that they were ‘targets’.

Based on the footage, the Police had a warrant with Tanesha Johnson’s name on it, however, the address on the warrant was wrong, which was Short’s main cry. “If the number is not accurate nothing is wrong with that,” replied the law-enforcer.

The incident which has now gone viral on several social media platforms seemingly took place on Saturday.

A similar incident took place months ago, in April, after Likkle Addi’s altercation with security guards, the home of Akheel Raheim Palmer, professionally known as Likkle Addi, was descended upon by a number of law enforcement agents who allegedly entered the artiste’s premises without a warrant.

Watch footage of the most recent incident below:


Check out the dramatic moment when police officers attempted to place handcuffs on one of Shorty’s sons below:


It’s unclear at this moment what has been the outcome of the incident.

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