Mother Reveals Son Said, “Mommy, anywhere Stephy (Keneisha) dead mi a dead” After Footage Shows Siblings Being Buried in a Shallow Grave – Graphic Video

Tuesday, December 12, 2023, 12:01 PM GMT-5

Stephany Edwards, the mother of 20-year-old Kerrick Moodie and 22-year-old Keneisha Moodie, has revealed her children’s alleged involvement in scamming that is suspected to have led to their deaths.

The Moodie siblings went missing last week after they were last seen in Grange Hill, Westmorland. Edwards later identified her son and daughter as the victims of a grisly murder following the circulation of a graphic video online.


In the footage, a seemingly deceased man and woman can be seen in a shallow grave, their clothes bloodstained, while someone off-camera covers them with dirt. Click to Watch the Graphic Video

After identifying the bodies in the video, Edwards shared with the Jamaica Observer that she has consistently tried to steer her children away from a life of criminality, but they did not listen.

Her daughter, Keneisha, was charged in 2021 after she was found with rounds of ammunition in her purse and was allegedly the girlfriend of Kings Valley Gang leader Derval Williams. First given bail and told to stay away from Grange Hill, Kenieisha was later acquitted. Unlike his sister, Kerrick did not have a criminal past and was warned by his mother to stay away from her.

Keniesha Moodie

Kerrick was living with Keneisha in Brompton, St. Elizabeth. Keneisha had gotten a job in the parish but reportedly began working for herself at home and selling online after leaving the job. According to Edwards, the siblings were seemingly engaged in scamming, which is suspected to have caused their murder.

The Moodie siblings allegedly tried to cheat their boss out of money they had received. “Yes, yes, yes! [The] voice note seh dem bingo food and dem guh round boss,” Edwards stated.

The grieving mother expressed that if her son had stayed with her in Grange Hill, he would still be alive. Edwards shared that Kerrick was extremely close to his older sister, sometimes even sleeping in her bed.

“One day I even said to him, ‘You give the woman no privacy. You sleep all in your sister bed, you and your sister sleep. And he said, ‘Mommy, anywhere Stephy (Keneisha) dead mi a dead’,” Edwards stated.

Kerrick Moodie

Edwards disclosed that she attempted to have Kerrick further his education as he dreamt of being an architect, but he could not be convinced.

While she acknowledged that the path her children chose was wrong, Edwards is deeply affected by their loss and expressed her hopes that their remains are found so that she can give them a proper burial.

Click to Watch the Graphic Video

The alleged father of the Moodie siblings has since spoken out in a distressing video released online. 

The elder Moodie said that he has been trying to contact Edwards after hearing about the suspected deaths of his children but has not been able to reach her.

Dishevelled and seemingly intoxicated, the man expressed that he was desperate to find out if his children were, in fact, the victims in the footage circulating online. He disclosed that he was told that the sibling’s remains were in Goshen, St. Elizabeth.

Watch the video of the father below.

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