Sista Sasha Still Earning Big from Her Old Dancehall Tunes

Tuesday, March 10, 2020, 11:24 AM GMT-5

Jamaican artistes are profiting off the new trend that International stars have started, they are sampling the dancehall music and the Jamaican copyright owners are earning as old rhythms and lyrics find favour with new audiences and artistes. The Jamaican artistes who have music out there on YouTube and other places are now smiling all the way to the bank.

Sasha who is now a Gospel artiste is one of those copyright owners, and she is one of those artistes who now has her own Ministry in Christianity. She is still travelling and ministering all over, she has been to the Middle East, and performed in places such as Dubai and other places where Islam is popular, but she is brave and still cautious. As soon as the show is over, she goes back to her hotel room and lock up.


She said, in her early years she only went to church because her family was going, but the real transition to Christianity happened in her life about 10 years ago. She went to church even when she was a secular artiste as she liked doing that.

One day Sasha realized that money and fame didn’t make her happy and she decided to begin a new journey as a Christian.

However, her song “Sexy Body” that was done when she did dancehall music, is now giving her a big payday and she now says, it is so important to understand the details of the music business.

She says she can’t compete with the young artistes who are hot right now, but she is glad that she can earn off her music in a new way.

This is happening because JLo, Pitbull and many other artistes copied parts of the song and her payday is now awesome.

She now says publishing is a very important thing and she didn’t understand the business well and she signed away half her publishing at one time when she was only thinking about becoming famous. She now says publishing is where the treasure is found.

Even when the songs that artistes write are not popular at first, they can still earn a lot off their music when they upload their music on YouTube because international artistes are searching for something to use and they can choose your song to work with and you can earn a lot long after you upload it.

She encourages the Ghetto Youths who are involved in crime to simply start putting out their music on YouTube and see what happens in the future.

Sasha is now happily married with children and her husband is now her manager and they write together, vibe together and her new album is “Bumpy Ride” it is in Christ her fans can look out for it.

Listen to “sexy body” by Sasha that has been sampled by J-Lo, Pitbul etc

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