Sizzla and Foota Hype Condemn SPICE’S SUPPORT FOR LGBTQ

Amid the ongoing saga of several dancehall and reggae artistes openly in support of the LGBTQ community, Sizzla, Foota Hype and several other dancehall and reggae artistes have condemned the homosexual lifestyle that is being promoted in the Jamaican space which is unusual.

Sizzla took to Instagram hours ago and wrote, “None a dem nastiness bout yah unu gweh. You’ll not corrupt our children any more”.


On the other hand, Fota Hype aka The Viral King took to his Instagram and wrote, “In all my 20+ years as an established product of Jamaica and dancehall and reggae music this is the first time I feel completely defeated ashamed embarrassed weak betrayed in my subconscious mind I was confident that two ppl i would never live to see do this was @spiceofficial and @grunggaadzilla this now drives a serious fear in my consciousness that all hope is lost.”

He went on to outline that, “This submission to the devil has become the new thing for dancehall artiste the new norm for our culture based on what I see going is that moral values are no longer important the only thing that matters is MONEY the preservation of our music , culture and righteous values don’t count . Honestly on the name of the almighty I was banking on hope that no matter what @spiceofficial would never give in to something like I guess I was dead wrong”.

In conclusion, Foota Hype stated that, “This is a big L for the ancestors of Jamaica and the music given to us by the almighty money has officially poisoned and crippled our industry, we’ll maybe this is a band show if not it would be sad that @spiceoffial wouldn’t consider the wellbeing and career of her dj after this , shame a kill mi God know.”

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