Sizzla Says “Biggup Yourself DJ Khaled” While Seemingly Taking Back His Earlier Diss – Watch Video

In a recent video, Sizzla Kalonji, whose given name is Miguel Collins, showed that the way of the Rastafarian is to keep a clean heart and soul by not holding on to hatred. While some may believe Sizzla is still upset with Dj Khaled for how his name was placed on the platinum plaque, Sizzla silenced all thoughts when he made a tribute speech in the midst of a fire to quiet a few famous people.

He spoke highly of several people, but the most shocking was when he said, “Big up yourself, Dj Khaled.” Sizzla did not express any form of regret about what he did, but he did acknowledge his actions while making his speech. However, Kalonji joked about burning the Plaques, saying “Dadda bun the plaque, a suh it guh enuh Sizzla love bun fire.”

In December 2022, Sizzla took to Instagram to demonstrate his anger towards the American producer, insisting that he had been disrespected. Sizzla was seen tearing apart two certified platinum plaques sent to him by DJ Khaled for his contributions to his albums. He carefully removed the image of Dj Khaled’s son, making sure to keep it safe, and incinerated the rest of the plaque after ranting about how no one could see his name because it was so small.

Dj Khaled has not commented on the incident, leaving some to wonder if he did so out of respect for Sizzla or to allow it to pass as quickly as possible.

The reggae veteran also gave big ups to everyone who received platinum plaques and a few artistes who lost children, including Aidonia, who recently lost his son Khalif to cancer. The recent video was shot at a fundraiser in Charlemont Linstead and he went on to congratulate the children of Jamaica who are excelling at academics and encouraged them to continue in their efforts.

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Watch Sizzla’s shout-out to DJ Khaled below:

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