Skatta Burrell Tells Marion Hall To “Stop Praying About Nonsense”

Skatta Burrell is not impressed with Minister Marion Hall’s prayer during her Sunday sermon that touched on jezebels, enemies, bondage, bad mine, demon and the grace of God.

While giving God praise for his grace and his blessings, Minister Hall prayed over her life, the viewers tuned into her sermon and rebuked all forms of “obstruction”, and demons targeting her.


The Music producer was not shy to express what he thought of her prayer, which, in his opinion, was nonsense as it did not call on God to rectify Jamaica’s greatest problem. Skatta, who is a self-declared atheist known to openly make iconoclastic statements, shared his views under an Instagram post made by popular vlogger Mouta Massi.

Below the video of Minister Marion Hall praying, Skatta addressed her as her former stage name, Lady Saw, and told her that she, like all the other prayer worriers, is not praying for God to do something about the crime in the country.

“Lady Saw!!! You’ve prayed an entire prayer and totally forgot to address Jamaica’s biggest problem. CRIME… seriously it’s time You prayer Worrior’s start showing some results and stop praying and cussing people and calling them devils,” he said. “This country’s crime rate is out of control and if You all are such a believer in that Man upstairs You all need to tell Him to address this and stop praying about nonsense.”

Watch Minister Marion Hall’s Praying below.

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