Skeng Debuts New Haircut at EP Launch and Receives New Rolex from Producer Rvssian – Watch Video

Friday, November 4, 2022, 12:31 PM GMT-5

At the launch party for his newly released EP, Beast of the Era, which was dropped at midnight on Friday, November 4, 2022, Skeng strolled out in a brand new buzzcut haircut to celebrate with his fans and supporters who showed up.

Rvssian, who was present at the event, was asked by the host (Mrs. Jones) of the launch party to describe his experience working with Skeng as he produced two of the six tracks on the mini album. In reply, Rvssian stated, “when I play the riddim, him listen to it, him write it, him voice it. That was it.” He noted that the process was simple and uncomplicated. When speaking about the song done by Skeng and Shenseea, Russian voiced, “they were in separate locations, so Shen did her part one place and Skeng did his part a next place.”

The producer, responsible for the tracks Thug Life and It’s True (ft Shenseea), presented the man of the hour with a new Rolex watch. Encased in an engraved square green box, the shiny stainless steel surface of the watch made it look dazzling. Showing the gift to the crowd after some prompting from Boom Boom, Skeng held up the box with a big smile on his face.

The Protocol deejay was decked out in loose jeans pants, a white t-shirt with a tree on the front, and a multi-coloured jacket. The look was topped off with glasses and a new haircut that seemed to make his facial tattoos stand out even more.

Before he performed any of his songs, Mrs. Jones relayed two recorded messages intended for Skeng on his big day. The first was from Tommy Lee which said, “mi a represent fi mi bredda big bad EP, Skeng big up yuhself yuh hear that. Mi love your energy, love how yah put in the work, respect in all aspect.” The second message was from Nicki Minaj who mentioned, “just dropping by to say congratulations on Beast of the Era, another incredible piece of art from Skeng.” She also added that although she was not able to be there in person, she would be making her way to the island very soon.

Afterwards, Skeng went on to perform Thug Life.

Pelpa Time covered the event and posted it on their official YouTube channel. In the comment section of the post spanglas mentioned, “Skeng really deserve it honestly.. the youth work hard he’s one of the fastest rising young dancehall artist and big up Russian for acknowledging the youth work..,” while another fan pointed out, “I love his haircut he now look young ❤️.”

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Munga honorable also showed up to perform at the EP launch alongside other notable names like Kraff, RajahWild, Valiant (singing some of his most prominent songs, including St. Mary and North Carolina), Deno Crazy, 450, and Prettii Prettii.

Watch highlights from the launch below, presented by Pelpa Time Production:

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