Skeng Drops ‘Day Break’ Music Video, Firing Shots at Masicka

Saturday, August 13, 2022, 8:29 PM GMT-5

Skeng is promising nothing less than a bloodbath in his latest song, Day Break, which is said to be targeting fellow dancehall deejay Masicka.

According to reports, Masicka got onto Skeng’s hitlist after allegedly laughing at a comment about Ratty Gang. Masicka was previously seen in a video laughing at a comment from a member of his entourage who said, “Ratty Gang, a batty gang.” Masicka is known to bash the use of Molly in the culture which Skeng on the other hand is known for. Another reason why the “King” singer might be lyrically targeted by the Ratty Gang leader is that Masicka performed ahead of him at Sumfest when he allegedly should not have performed first.

Nonetheless, Skeng has dropped a second song that is widely believed to be dissing Masicka. With his first shots in Gvnman Session unanswered, Skeng is back with another grimy single, Day Break, that speaks about blazing bullets and wielding a bloody knife.

“March up pan dem gateway, wid eh bare face. Knock it inna dem mada face, we nuh play game,” Skeng deejays in the first verse.

Skeng continued by saying his rival, who started the war, is not safe, and he would be wise to know that this generation is dangerous.

Day Break, produced by DiTruth Records and 3 Kings Music Group, shows Skeng and his gang armed as he deejays about taking down his rival just before the crack of dawn.

“Now it start tell me who dem ago call when di matic start bark inna head and inna heart,” he adds in the second verse.

“Cah fire none tall that a wet matches,” is the line that clarifies that he’s talking Maskica who said in his most recently released song that he’s firing like “10 pack a matches”. He also talked about his rival not being “Brave” which Masicka said he is in a previously released song titled “Brave”

Further on in the song, Skeng says that “Angella” should choose a coffin for the deceased.

Watch Skeng’s Day Break below.

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