Skeng Heavily Criticised For Singing About ‘Popping Molly’

Young Dancehall sensation Skeng is under heavy scrutiny for his drug-related lyrics, especially where it concerns the pill known as Molly.

Even though the deejay’s name has not been directly called by other public figures for his lyrics about drugs, based on what has been recently said by entertainers such as Popcaan, Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel, fingers have been pointing towards Skeng as the person who the veterans are blaming for the lifestyle which has become a common thing among Jamaican youths.

According to Molly is popularly known as Ecstacy (MDMA) and is usually used as a recreational drug that is said to induce hallucinations. Some of the songs that Skeng sings about the usage of Molly are ones like “Protocol” which he collaborated on with Tommy Lee and “Pop Molly” which he did with Navaz.

From the “Protocol” song, in his section of the track, the “Ratty Gang” artiste could be heard uttering a line stating, “Molly get pop whole place get hot” while in “Pop Molly” he sang about how the drug is used in his circle.


Just in February, a video went viral showing the “Unruly Boss” Popcaan bashing some artistes for them singing about the popping of Molly, which made many persons believe that the “Skeleton Cartier” singer was making reference to Skeng.

Just recently with the passing of Tabby Diamond from the “Mighty Diamonds” music group, veteran deejay Bounty Killer made a condolence post to the singer on his Instagram showing a video of him singing with a caption stating “Jah know star big fuckery gwaan what our godfather our mentor and musical legendary pioneer could’ve done so why he was brutally murdered last night by multiple gun shots these youths got no souls too much Molly and Rum boom up dem big head dawg my condolences goes out to his family friends and music colleges SIP Tabby Diamond.”

Based on what was said by the “Killa” in the caption of the post, it is obvious that he sees the drug issue in Jamaica as one of the main reasons behind youths committing heinous killings like the situation that went down with the veteran reggae singer.


As for Vybz Kartel, the Vybz Entertainment youtube channel released a video showing an Instagram story post allegedly from the artiste firing verbal shots at a “Crack Head Artiste” without calling any specific name.

The controversy also started to bubble real hot as well when vlogger “Pretty Don” did a video directly calling out Skeng for the drug-related lyrics he has been singing and how it negatively impacts students who are big fans of the artiste.

Since the resuming of face to face classes, there have been several cases of stabbings reported in the schools and those incidents according to the YouTuber only took place because of the music the children are listening to.

According to, the negative effects that can be incurred from the use of Molly includes increased blood pressure as well as an increase in heart rate. The same website which is medically based describes the substance as also containing other drugs such as ketamine, cocaine and methamphetamine.

Watch Pretty Don below bashing Skeng for Molly Lyrics.

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