Skillibeng Accused of Being “Craven” by F.S. Who was Featured on ‘Whap Whap’ and ‘Not’ – Watch Video

Thursday, February 1, 2024, 10:04 AM GMT-5

Prominent dancehall artiste Skillibeng is facing criticism of being selfish from fellow deejay F.S., an artiste who was previously known to be a member/associate of the Eastsyde camp.

Skillibeng is well known to be the leading artiste of the Eastsyde camp, as he achieved international recognition with his Whap Whap hit song, a collaboration with international Queen of Rap Nicki Minaj, and a record label deal with American record label RCA Records.


Now, F.S. has called out Skillibeng for being “craven” with his growing success, saying that the ‘Crocodile Teeth’ artiste did not share with others within his circle. In Jamaican terms, a “craven” person is often described as someone who is consumed by greed or selfishness.

“Dem grow wid tings, cah yuh kno rich people, when time dem have things dem kinda selfish… Mi a di sharing person,” he said in an interview preview that was shared by World Music Views.

F.S. added that he, on the other hand, would share with all the members of the Eastsyde camp if he had that type of “glory.”

F.S., who collaborated on Skillibeng’s Not song and his hit single Whap Whap, continued by saying, “Him a seh him a Eastsyde general and him wah eat himself, uh undastand and him craven, him know him craven. But big up Skillibeng.”

Another clip showed him laughing as he again noted that he would be the complete opposite because his heart is different.

Watch the clip of F.S. below:

After these clips were shared on Instagram on Wednesday, IG users gave their two cents on the matter, with the majority bashing F.S. for acting as if he was “entitled” to some of Skillibeng’s success.

One person said, “Unu too entitled fi man, gweh man and stop wait pon hand outs…NOBODY NUH OBLIGATED FI FEED UNU, NEITHER FAMILY OR FRIENDS!!!!!!”

Another expressed, “Man fi be man when since men became so entitled 😢😢.”

The comments that agreed with F.S. consisted of one that read, “Frl man bwoy cut off all a him day 1 them.”

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