Skillibeng Releases Official Music Video For “Whap Whap”

The E-Syde Don Skillibeng recently travelled to Trinidad and is seemingly still there getting busy as he has just released his new song called “Wap Wap”, featuring an artiste whose name was not shown on either the released audio or the official music video. 

The song is quite a unique one as ” Skilli” does not start deejaying any lyrics until the 48 seconds of the song and does so by making it known that he is rolling with a Glock fitted with a scope, ready to make it work.


Skillibeng then goes on to describe how his gun sounds, saying “Wap Wap Wap Wap Wap Wap Wap”, different from anything a person who studies firearms has ever heard. “Skilli” then makes it known that when he works it is a contractual thing and as such utilizes the Mini K or simply uses his rifle to do the work. Moving on with the track Skillibeng shouted out to Johns Town then makes it clear he is a lethal gangster who kills easily in his pretty sneakers.

As such the artiste made it known that based on his actions he is very much feared and his game is no “chat chat”.

At that point in the song, the unknown artiste joins the track and even though his identity is not known he truly goes in on the beat describing how his gun sounds just like Skillibeng did.

The E-Syde artiste takes over the last part of the song, closing it off with some witty lyrics in his signature rhyme scheme. 

In the music video, the dancer by the name of “Monsta” who claimed to be the original of the dance move “Leggo Di Bird” can be seen skanking to the lyrics of “Wap Wap” while at the same time pulling a gun to shoot a man who disturbed him while doing the “Leggo Di Bird” dance, as a part of the storyline to show that he is still keeping his integrity as a real gangster. The move by “Monsta” might also be a direct “diss” to Dancehall artiste Laa Lee who made the dance popular.

One thing for sure too, is that the fans have been raving in the comments section on YouTube for the song and it seems as if it might just grow to be a big hit in Trinidad afterall since the music video was shot there, giving Skillibeng the resurgence he needs.


See some of the comments below.

Watch “Whap Whap” official music video below.

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