Skillibeng Talks About UK & US Tour, Music, New Record Deal and Dating

From making a name for himself in Dancehall by gaining international exposure with his hit single in 2019 called “Brik pan Brik”, St.Thomas native named Skillibeng has been on a path to mainstream success.

The fast-rising Dancehall artiste was recently interviewed ahead of his first tour in the UK on a well-known podcast called TimWestwoodTV, hosted by as the name suggests, Tim Westwood who is a British television and radio presenter as well as a DJ.

In the interview, Skillibeng mentioned that he is set to alight the stage with an impactful, powerful performance for his UK fans over the weekend and added that within about the first 30 seconds of tickets being made available, as expected, the show was completely sold out.

The host, Tim Westwood commended the entertainer on his music and how he has managed to have it resonate with people in the UK.

He then went on to ask Skillibeng if he feels the same type of energy with his fans in Jamaica, to which he responded that he does not party in the country unless he’s being paid, however, he has since realized that one of his widest audience is from the UK.

The Eastside artiste shared that since his entrance on the music scene, his 2020 single called “Crocodile Teeth” has been a major hit on both the local and international levels. Likewise, he mentioned that his single called “Badman” is a hit amongst his UK fans as well as in his country, Jamaica.

When it comes to his creative process in his music, he stated that music is natural to him, therefore, he has mastered the ability to record hit singles without needing to write first. For example, singles such as “Brik pan Brik”, “Whap Whap” and “Crocodile Teeth”.

Skillibeng confidently declared that he is a highly lyrical artiste, ensuring that he caters to the ladies and the “badman”. However, he wanted his fans to know that when it comes to performance, he is unique in his own way, therefore, they should not expect to see a Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, or a Sean Paul.

The host questioned the entertainer about a fan named Honey Milan who had tattooed his name on her forehead. In Skill’s response, he stated that he was not involved in that plan and he is also not quite familiar with it, but “big her up” nonetheless.

Another question posed by the host was if he is currently dating, however, he declined to give a definitive response whilst stating that his fans already know the answer and also know that he has a child.

Skillibeng updated that he is currently signed to the acclaimed American record label called RCA records as well as EastSyde Records in Jamaica.

The talented, young artiste is scheduled to tour the US which will commence on May 22 and will be performing in Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York including festivals.

Check out Skillibeng’s interview below:

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