Skin Bleaching Products Launched by Tanesha ‘Shorty’

Tuesday, August 3, 2021, 12:39 PM GMT-5

Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson, the mother of three of Vybz Kartel’s children made an announcement about her album recently and she also revealed that the project would be featuring 12 tracks including the previously released No Cap, Airforce 1 and Love Ya Babymom, which were produced by Short Boss Muzik imprint which belongs to her and the Vybz Kartel Muzik Imprint was included as well.

On July 30 pre-orders were opened, but the release date is set for August 6 on all the streaming platforms.

 Added to that her new skin-lightening line might see success with the backing of her partner. Kartel and Shorty are the parents of three Jaheim Palmer their firstborn aka Likkle Vybz, Akheel Raheim Palmer whose stage name is Likkle Addi, and Aiko Palmer, aka World Boss Jr. Likkle Addi, is one part of the duo UTG with his brother Likkle Vybz.

Ten years ago Kartel launched his ‘Cake Soap’ skin bleaching soap, which is a version of the Blue Bommer soap, the sales were good and this was hugely accredited to his hit song “Cake Soap” released in October 2010.

The deejay had rolled out a full new line of luxury products called “Vybz Skin Care Products” which included Vybz Soap, Vybz Kartel men’s cologne and women’s perfume, Vybz Body Brightener, Vybz Skin Brightener, Vybz Anti-Aging Moisturizer and Vybz Astringent are the products.

Now Vybz Kartel’s common-law wife ‘Shorty’ who has been with him for a long time is picking up from where Kartel’s ‘Cake Soap’ and ‘Vybz’ brand of skin cosmetics products, left off. Tanesha is now offering her ‘Boss Lady Skin Lightening’ line and it features three products for the face, knuckles and body.

The Boss Lady line is said to have specialized ingredients in each of the three skin lightening formulas to rejuvenate skin for flawless complexion by “removing dark spots, even out skin tone.”

The products are already available for sale on her Instagram page with prices ranging from JA$2000 to $11,000 or US$25 to $110 depending on the size chosen by buyers.

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