Soldier in Middle of Alleged Love Triangle That Caused 14-Y-O’s Brutal Beating Speaks Out

Thursday, January 4, 2024, 2:54 PM GMT-5

The soldier at the centre of the alleged love triangle that caused the brutal beating of his girlfriend’s daughter has condemned the violent attack on the 14-year-old.

The teen was attacked by multiple women after reportedly visiting a friend on December 30 because they could not get their preferred target, her mother, Tandeka Simms. Six females, comprised of two women in their 20s, a woman in her 50s, and three teens, were later taken into custody, with allegations arising that the attackers were the relatives of the soldier’s other lover.

Following the attack, the soldier disclosed his connection to the women, sharing with the Jamaica Observer that he first became entangled with them after bringing back a young runaway. The young lady, who resides in Havana Heights, where the incident happened, had run away after having a baby. According to the soldier, he found the young woman while on an operation.

Despite not being the baby’s father, the 22-year-old shared that he assisted in the child’s care after bringing the girl back home. Further explaining his ties to the alleged attackers, the soldier said he knew two of the older women by association, as they had previously dated two of his friends.

The soldier went on to deny allegations that he cheated on Simms. He also expressed that the women have made his life hell, causing problems with any woman he has been with since helping the runaway.

After he was made aware of the attack on Simms’ daughter, the soldier reportedly confronted them but said he was told pure lies. In addition to describing the women as troublemakers, he condemned the brutal attack on the 14-year-old and expressed his desire to be there for her and her mother.

However, Simms has ended the relationship. Unlike the soldier, Simms has expressed no desire to reunite, ignoring all of his attempts to contact her, including through his co-workers. The devastated mother has instead turned her complete focus on her injured daughter.

“…Him can even forget say him know me [ … ] Right now I don’t have no feeling for myself, me just a focus on my daughter and all the trauma that she is going through,” Simms stated.

Along with the fear she carries for her daughter’s health, Simms has also been overwhelmed by the images of her daughter getting attacked, which were shared online.

“When I see the part of the video when she’s on the floor and everybody is stepping on her, that’s what keep on playing in my head. Every time I close my eyes to sleep, that’s all I keep seeing,” Simms shared.

Simms explained that her distress has not been eased by the apprehension of six of the alleged attackers, as the damage has already been done. Nevertheless, she has welcomed the support she has received from members of her community, family, and friends.

She also shared that Veneshia Buckley, the mother of Kaylan Dowdie, who was severely beaten by multiple individuals, reached out to her. Despite the horrendous behaviour of the woman who attacked her daughter, Simms expressed that she will seek justice for the teen the right way, as that is how she was raised.

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