SPICE allegedly DISSES Richie Feelings on Whatsapp

Popular disc jockey Richie Feelings recently posted a picture on Instagram of a very trivial WhatsApp conversation he recently had with someone he thought was his friend, telling him how much they hate him. But wait until you hear who the fans think he was talking to.

In the part of the conversation that was shown, the messages started with the DJ asking his former friend if “A so we live like puss and dog”. The person replied by telling Feelings ” Yes mi hate Yuh”, “Yuh nuh see mi land and mi nuh call Yuh”, ” Mi left u Inna 2020 Dutty man”.


Richie Feelings then replied to those messages in a way that led his followers to assume who he was talking to, by sending “Mama use to say frenz not good for me”, then “Csm”. The name of the contact in the WhatsApp message for the person is also “Csm”, however, fans are suggesting that the person in the conversation was Spice.

In response to what the Disc Jockey said, “Csm”, told him “You shoulda bloodcl@@t listen”. Richie feelings then replied, “Me learn now”. The person then snapped back rudely by saying “Bite me too, cook me and Nyam mi”.

The conversation went on to end with the veteran music veteran telling the person, “U days done”.

In the comments, section fans wrote things like “You provoke spice too much so dat fi reach yuh Kmt”,” U and spice cya season wah mek”, as well as,”A muzt you and @spiceofficial dis enuh”. In the caption of the post Richie Feelings wrote, “Weh mama seh bout fren”.

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The two Jamaican celebrities have always had a very comical rivalry, and based on how the followers are treating this post, no one knows if it is serious.

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