Spice Calls Bambi a “Giraffe,” Fans Call for Her to Be Fired – Watch Video

Wednesday, September 6, 2023, 4:08 PM GMT-5

Following her fallout with fellow Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta cast member Erica Mena, dancehall artiste Spice is once again at the centre of online contention after calling cast member Adizia “Bambi” Benson a “giraffe.”

Mena received massive backlash on social media after calling Spice a monkey during an argument on the reality show and was subsequently fired. Fans of the show are now calling for the same measures to be taken with Spice following her argument with Bambi.


On the latest episode of Love and Hip-Hop, Spice and some of her other cast members, including Yandy Smith and Sierra Gates, began discussing what Mena said while having dinner in the Bahamas. Yandy, who expressed that she was interested in what Mena had to say about the altercation, asked Bambi if she had spoken to Mena about the incident.

Bambi shared that due to Mena’s busy acting schedule, she had not yet discussed the matter with her but was informed by Sierra that she had said something out of line. Spice, who stated in a later confessional scene that she was sure Bambi and Mena had spoken, asked Bambi slyly if Mena had told her to say that.

Sierra confirmed that Mena had not spoken to them, but Spice, believing otherwise, asked the women why they were always acting so fake. This prompted a heated exchange between Bambi and Spice.


Spice, enraged by Bambi’s use of expletives, told Bambi that she was talking to Sierra and not her.

“Who the f**k you cussing bad word offa b**ch. I wasn’t talking to you, b**ch, I’m talking to Sierra. I don’t see you, giraffe. Giraffe, I don’t f**king see you,” Spice stated.

Viewers of the show have since called out Spice for calling Bambi a giraffe after previously playing a victim when she was called a monkey by Mena. A number of the show’s viewers have described her as the source of the problem.

“Ok so we guna cancel Spice next for calling Bam a giraffe?? Cause from what I see, she got a thing for poking people, making fun of people, initiating the insults & provoking things to turn from nothing to something.,” one viewer stated.

Watch the video below.


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