Spice Demands Foota Hype to Remove Post About Her Within 24hrs

Friday, November 19, 2021, 2:05 PM

The queen of the dancehall Spice is once again a hot topic after she announced that she will be performing at a gay pride event in Canada next year. Foota Hype, Sizzla and several other artistes bashed Spice online for making the move, a day has passed and Spice is clapping back at Foota Hype.

Spice went live after not doing so far a while to update her fans about what she’s up to nowadays. In her live, Spice was asked about Foota Hype’s remarks about her and her response was that Foota should remove the post from Instagram within the next 24 hours. While spice appeared serious about her speech, it’s unclear what she will do if he doesn’t remove the post, “Mi a give him 24 hours,” Spice outlined.


Check out Spice’s full reaction below.

See Foota Hype’s original statement below.

Foota Hype was quick to react to Spice’s statement made just hours ago, in response he doubled down and stated, “Don’t try the wrong and strong thing @spiceofficial gi dem back di money find excuse u nuh bruck , mi know it hurt say the international market nah gi u di respect and glory weh u deserve tru u nuh look spanish or close to white like @shenseea dem and dem still nah go gi u.”

Foota who is yet to remove the post also stated, “don’t lose uself trying to win that battle do don’t destroy dancehall morality to please ur insecurities and ur ego its not too late to cancel the show and save ur integrity and ur career I love u but u fucc up this time do the right thing.”

Notably Spice has not reacted Sizzla’s comments.

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