Spice Drops T-shirt Merch For “I Feel A Way”… Plus new Christmas Family Photo

Friday, December 25, 2020, 11:07 AM

Spice has dropped her “I Feel a Bloodcl#%•@t way” T-shirts, just a few days after dropping the lyrical bomb track “I feel away” produced by Dancehall artiste and producer, Demarco.

Spice is showing that controversy can be used for constructive purposes, rather than tearing down one’s career as the title for the song and T-shirt line was originated from her response to RT Boss’s released voice notes.


On her, Instagram Spice posted that the song was done fully in 24 hours and that it washer mood going into Christmas.

If she feels any type of way it must be great, as she was dancing away and smiling in the video, even though she said in the song that she did not make any money for 2020.

The designs, however, will boost the Graci Noir CEO’s income, as fans are currently blowing up her comments with requests for the hot new shirts.

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Grace today posted a family photo to her IG, wishing everyone a merry christmas.

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