Spice Ecstatic using TikTok Live-Chat for the First Time “Mi like it!”

Spice could not hold back her excitement as she tried live-chat on the social media platform TikTok for the first time. Notably, the Queen of Dancehall is most active on Instagram where she usually promotes her music and updates her ‘Besties’ on her latest endeavours.

During the live chat, said to be from Friday night, Spice was seemingly oblivious to a lot of the features on the app and was surprised at the love she got right away with the fact that she had never been live on TikTok before. “I like it… i like that hat.. mi like dah glasses yah pan mi face,” she said.


“A wah that,” she also asked at one point with regards to one of the gifts she got.

Spice Ecstatic using TikTok for the First Time 22Mi like it22
Spice on TikTok

Apparently, a lot of her fans who were on the live are big spenders, with one person in particular whom Spice called “Uliza” spending so much on gifts that Spice opted to follow the account to see who the person really is.

In reaction to the many gifts, one person commented, “Sending rich people gifts is so funny to me,” another person asked, “You guys dont think that some of these gifters are also rich people? or just ppl that have it and can give?”

Watch spice below:

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