Spice Gives New Details About Her Surgeries; Introduces One of the Many Doctors That Helped Her – Watch Videos

Living what she classifies as her “second life”, Dancehall Queen Spice gives more details on what she went through when she “died” and came back to life late last year. She also introduces her fans to one of the many doctors who worked hard to ensure that she is still alive today.

Posting a series of videos to Instagram showing when she was hospitalized, accompanied by a long message in her captions, Spice thanked Dr. Jones, captioned as drnipandtuck, who was the first doctor to come to her aid when she first arrived in Atlanta, USA (United States of America).


“This one is a big time THANK YOU to this Surgeon who accepted me in Atlanta when I had my near death experience in D.R…I was taken back to Atlanta directly to the hospital where this surgeon @drnipandtuck did another surgery on me…the Sepsis infection was so bad after the hernia happened,” Spice detailed. She talked about how her chest was cut into and left open and how the doctor got to work on her as soon as she landed.

The God A Bless Me artiste stated that she underwent three surgeries over the span of two weeks and that it was first thought that she would require skin grafting but “my wound is finally closed.” Throughout her message, Spice continued to praise God for getting her through her ordeal and sending thank you to Dr. Jones.

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Read the message Spice left below:

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In video one of the three videos that were uploaded, Spice continued to thank the lord for answering her prayers and keeping her alive. Video two was a clip of the entertainer lying in a hospital bed while being transported, and video three showed her interaction with Dr. Jones.

The third video showcased Spice and drnipandtuck engaging in a conversation where she was teaching him how to speak in Patois.

Watch the videos below:

However, Spice voiced that even though she keeps on telling her story, many still do not believe her. Her fans were quick to reassure her, one saying, “U owe no one proof once u know jah was di pon the battle with u thats all that matters…,” to which Spice replied, “and nuff a dem no wah mi praise mi God.”

Read more comments below:

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