WATCH: Spice Releases “Spice Marley” Music Video

Friday, March 24, 2023, 3:14 PM GMT-5

Queen of Dancehall Spice has released a new song one week after dropping God A Bless Me, the single marking her survival and return after suffering severe health issues. The new track, Spice Marley, is a reggae-inspired song that reflects on God’s grace and the wonderful works he has done in her life.

In Spice Marley, the Cool It singer first appears in a white dress, drifting along in a boat. The second scene shows her in a yellow dress with a matching turban as she strokes a guitar at the forefront of a stage occupied by musicians.

Throughout the video, Spice is also spotted riding a bicycle, straddling a white horse, praying at her bedside, and standing with a tiger.

“Here I am, the one that overcame everything that was meant to put me down to shame. All of my enemies fighting in vain…,” she sings, begging God to walk the journey with her. 

The video, which was posted over an hour ago on YouTube, has garnered over 6,000 views and 2000 likes. The comment section was filled with praises, with one viewer stating, “The queen is back big and better…second hit song within a week️.”

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Another said, “Nice of the Queen to dedicate this Reggae song to her father, who was a Rastafarian, & was the first person to tell her she was destined for greatness. Can’t believe she shot this video over the last couple days. Welcome back, Spice. Love you loads.”

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