Spice Lists Several Reasons for the ‘Messy’ Fallout Between Her and Karlie Redd – Watch Video

Amid questions about what led to the fallout between her and her Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta co-star Karlie Redd, Dancehall artiste Spice has shared a detailed letter explaining their dispute. Among Spice’s issues with Karlie is that one of her friends was previously in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Budd.

During a livestream, Spice expressed that she was tired of Karlie playing the victim and acting oblivious to what caused the friction between them. As Love & Hip Hop viewers are only shown a fraction of what happens between the castmates on the show, Spice read the six-page letter she wrote to Karlie explaining the problems she has with her in full.

The artiste’s first issue with Karlie stemmed from her hospitalisation in the Dominican Republic for a ruptured hernia and sepsis. According to Spice, while she was admitted to the hospital and at her lowest point, Karlie took it upon herself to give out her location, despite telling her she had not shared it with anyone.

Spice then revealed her second issue, which she said arose from Karlie talking about her behind her back with some of her other friends who are not on Love & Hip Hop. In addition to Karlie trying to turn those friends against her, Spice said they were circulating a video secretly taken while she was sick and in the hospital.

“…One of my friends that you were talking to, one of my old friends, accidentally sent me a hospital video all of a sudden, that I had no idea that was being recorded of me. And the conversation to the video that they sent me was, ‘You can use this.’ [ … ] It made me think that you were plotting to use the hospital video against me because no one told me that they were recording my doctor talking about my illness,” Spice stated.

Spice added that the recording and circulating of the video ultimately led to her ending her friendship with Karlie and all parties involved. She then detailed her third and fourth issues with Karlie. 

The issues stemmed from her feeling used and left out after she assisted Karlie with writing a song and the reality star complaining about buying her an expensive gift, though Spice had willingly spent a lot on her birthday gifts. On top of her complaining about the expenses, Spice said Karlie seemingly gave her a fake Celine bag.

In regards to her fifth issue, Spice expressed that she was extremely upset after finding out that one of Karlie’s friends had slept with her ex-boyfriend, Justin. According to Spice, she had allowed the woman in her home for years, and neither Justin, Karlie, nor the woman told her that they were previously in a relationship.

“…I confronted Justin, I confronted the girl, I confronted Karlie [ … ] When I confronted them, dem seh it was before me, so they didn’t feel like they needed to tell me [ … ] B**ch, I don’t care if it was a 100BC. If your gonno come to my home, weh mi man deh an ina mi face a do mi face, you need to say that. Like, don’t hide behind my back,” Spice stated.

In the caption of the live stream, Spice also shared that the video would be deleted soon.

Watch the video below.

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